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How You Can Help
Volunteer Become a Foster

Volunteering is very rewarding and a great way to meet new people!

Pup And Cat Co. is always happy to meet new volunteers! We are run completely by volunteers that donate their time to help care for the animals that we rescue. Everyone has a special talent and we welcome you to add yours to our family. We are in GREAT need of volunteers and foster homes as well as monetary donations.

One of the most rewarding ways to volunteers is to foster a pet in your home. Foster homes are invaluable to our goal and help the pet with the transition to a new home as well as help us know more about the pets needs. We always welcome applications for new foster homes.

Take In

01. Foster

Fostering fills a part of your heart that you didn’t even know existed. It offers you the opportunity to give an animal a save environment that they may not have ever had before, to love unconditionally, and in return, receive the same unconditional love back, all while knowing that YOU are saving a life! The more fosters we have, the more animals we can save. Can it get more rewarding than that? Do you like sloppy kisses and wagging tails? If so, click below!

Show Up

03. Volunteer

There’s no one too young or too old! Giving back to your community and helping to save the lives of helpless animals is the ultimate reward. Think life is too busy? A phone call or two a day can help get an animal into their FURever home.  Not tech savy? We need transporters too.  Do you love furbabies but are not in a position to have your own? Help love on ours at our adoption events. Every little bit helps! Sign up now!

Give Back

02. Donate

Pup & Cat Co. is 100% dependent on donations. We do not have employees so every penny goes towards meeting the needs of our animals and getting them adoptable. Your donation could go towards lifesaving vet care. We put much focus on the hard medical cases. When everyone else has given up on them, we try harder! But, we cannot save anyone without your help! We appreciate all donations, no matter the amount, AND they’re tax deductible. Please donate now!

Speak Up

04. Spread the Word

If you are unable to foster, volunteer, or donate, you can still help! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Help spread the word by sharing our posts.  Your share could be the one that reaches that special human that will change the life of an animal. 

Still not sure how you can help?

Volunteer opportunities are available in any area you can imagine. Just let us know how you would like to help and what you enjoy, and we’ll have a task for you. Below are just a few examples of how you can help.

Love interacting with pets?

Volunteer at one of our adoption events, join our wonderful transport team, or become a foster home.


Enjoy creative writing?

You can help write pet profile biographies, blog posts, newsletters, or happy ending stories.

Can you throw a great party?

Help create and run your own fundraising event or volunteer for one of our annual events. Click here for Cate’s fundraising story.

Amateur photographer?

We have some photogenic pets that would love to pose for you.

Social media queen?

You could manage a Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok account for us.

Want to volunteer from home in your spare time?

You could help with record keeping, applications, phone calls, creative writing, social media, and more!

Like to shop?

Donate to Pup & Cat Co. while shopping online with iGive or Amazon Smile.

Enjoy running or walking with your dog?

Join our Wooftrax team and raise money for every mile!