Foster Home Testimonials

532607_4370284139112_1780567855_nAs foster parents for Pup & Cat Co. for over 10 years, we can honestly say that it is a truly rewarding experience that we wouldn’t exchange for anything. When fostering for a group that does not have a shelter facility of their own, you know that the impact you are making by taking a foster pet into your home could make the difference between life or death for that animal and that many more can be saved when people open their hearts and homes. Watching a new dog come out of their shell and wag their tail for the first time or approach you for affection is so heartwarming. Although it can be tough when the time comes to let your foster move on to a new home, it is outweighed by the excitement of which new dog you will rescue and help along it’s healing journey.

Laura and Gary Mudrow, Bethlehem, Georgia