Process & Application

Adopt a Pet

Thank you for your interest in one of Pup and Cat Co.’s wonderful pets! To see all of our wonderful, available pets, click below to browse or go straight to our application!



About Our Process

When adopting one of our animals, we are looking for a forever home with the pet becoming a member of your family for the rest of its life. Our application enables us to match the right family with each of our pets. Our goal is to find lifelong, loving homes where everyone is happy.

Adoption Fees

What’s Included

Our adoption fee is $350 for Dogs or $150 for Cats. The fee covers any cost incurred by the animal while in our custody including:

Vet Exams

We have AMAZING Veterinarians who conduct well checks and any other vetting necessary for a healthy pet.


Our animals received all recommended, age appropriate vaccinations, including Rabies if 16 weeks or older.

Spay & Neuter

All intact animals will be spayed or neutered, unless there is a medical reason not to.

Specialized Care

For those who are positive for heartworms or other parasites, we cover deworming and heartworm treatments too.


To prevent the devastating effects of heartworms, prevention is provided, as well as flea and tick, because who wants fleas?!

Available Discounts

$25 Discounts

Senior humans over 65


Repeat adopters

Foster fails who have had at least 1 successful foster

Senior Discounts*

Senior dogs who have minimal necessary vet care will be available for $200. Applies to:

Small dogs over 12 years old

Large dogs over 8 years old

*May not be combined with any other discount.


Adoption Process

1. Complete the application and submit.

2. Pup & Cat Co.’s Adoption Team will review your application and call your Vet references.

3. If determined to be a good fit, we will call you to conduct an interview.

4. If we determine you are a good fit, we will contact you to arrange an in person or virtual home visit.

5. We will schedule a Meet & Greet with your family. If all goes well, you may take your new friend home!

NOTE: Contracts and Payment are REQUIRED prior to a Meet & Greet, which do not obligate you to go through with the adoption. This is only required to take that stress off of our wonderful fosters, who are already crying inside (and sometimes out!) about having to give up a beloved, though temporary, family member. Don’t understand how that feels? Why not give fostering a try! You let them into your home and they steal your heart…but we assure you that it is TOTALLY worth it to have your heart break a little so theirs never have to AGAIN!

Adoption Events


You can visit and meet our pets most Saturdays between the hours of 11:30AM and 3:00PM at the PetSmart Store in Buford located across from the Mall of Georgia. Special arrangements can be made to meet a pet that is not available to be seen on adoption days.

Keep in mind that we are a network of volunteers and our schedules vary.

Please let us know if you have any questions prior to submitting the application through our Contact Us page on this website.