Description: We currently have 2 litters of puppies, approximately 9 weeks old as of 10/1/2019.

Riley’s puppies – Riley is a 45 pound terrier mix, approximately 45 pounds. We pulled Riley from animal control and then discovered she is heart worm positive and pregnant. A few weeks later, she birthed her wonderful litter of 7 puppies – ALL GIRLS! Button (adopted), Tater Tot, Lola, Bear (adopted), Opal, Panda and Polly. Riley has a short tail and her puppies have a variety of tail lengths from short nubby tater tots to long tails! Riley’s puppies are growing larger/faster than Bindi’s puppies. See more about Riley here!

Bindi’s puppies – (formerly Mama Shoe) Bindi was pulled from animal control along with her NINE puppies! We figured we already had 7, what was 9 more? Are we crazy or what! Bindi is a lovely 40 pound hound mix. Her puppies are growing smaller than Riley’s puppies. Bindi’s puppies are Ruby (female), Mac (male), Poppy (female), Sophie (female), Goliath (male), Sweetness (female/adopted), Penny (female), Baby (female) and Thor (male). More information will be available on Bindi once she has recovered from her spay operation.

Come out to our Yard Sale event for Puppy Palooza! Details are on our homepage.

Age: 9 weeks (as of 10/1/2019)
Gender: Dog • Terrier mix (Riley) & Hound mix (Bindi) • Baby  • Medium

Adoption Fee: $300

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