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About Harley Harley is such a sweet girl that we consider a miracle!! She has an ongoing eye condition where her eyes do not produce tears. She needs to have her eyes washed twice a day with eye drops added after. She wags her tail the entire time that you are treating her!! She is […]


Description: Update – 8/30/2021 –  Lilo is a spunky, hilarious sweetheart who is so loving you’d never know the neglect and abuse she endured for years. She was rescued from horrible conditions and nearly didn’t make it. Fortunately, Lilo got a new lease on life and has certainly made the most of it! Here’s what […]


Description: Bruno Update Post – 8/9/2021 – Some of the best things in life take time! Bruno’s friendship is worth the wait! Bruno is a high energy 2 year old Aussie mix that loves to cuddle. He is loyal and curious and wants to be friends with all of the animals he meets. He loves rope […]


Description: Judy Welcome Post – 6/14/2021 – Welcome Judy to the PAC family!!  Judy is 2 years old and 41 lbs of Boxer / Terrier mix.  Judy is a sweet cuddly girl. She loves to take walks multiple times a day and play in the yard. Judy’s favorite time if the day is breakfast and […]


Description: Kim Update Post – 8/24/2021 – Kim has had her heart surgery and came through like a champ.  She now only requires medication to keep the heart murmer in check and is now living the puppy life at her foster home.  Kim is now 8 months old and weights 32 lbs.  Kim is create and […]


Description: Mona Update Post – 8/24/2021 – Mona is doing great in her foster home!  The doctors determined that her heart murmur doesn’t require surgery and can instead be controlled with medication.  Mona is 8 months old now and weighs in at 48 lbs.  She is create and house trained and does will with playing and […]


Description: Molly Update Post – 8/30/2021 – Molly has completed her heartworm treatment!!  Woo hoo!! Molly is a 2 year old gentle, nurturing soul. She is a quiet, thoughtful girl who, once she gets to know you, will smooch and happily show you her tricks. She gets along with other dogs and even her foster Mom’s […]


Description: Tootie Update Post – 7/20/2021 – Tootie finished her Heartworm treatment!!  Woo hoo!!  Now this sweetie is all ready to go for her new forever family.  Are you ready to sweep this girl up and take her to her new forever home?  If so, fill out an application here -> Adoption Application – Pup and […]


Description: Rocky **** FOSTER TO ADOPT **** Welcome Post – 6/14/2021 – Welcome Rocky to the PAC family!!  Rocky is a Terrier / Boxer mix that weighs 57 lbs. Rocky is 7 years young and is looking for a family for love, snuggles, and play. He absolutely loves children, even little ones. He does everything he […]


Description: Alexis Welcome Post – 7/12/2021 – Welcome Alexis to the PAC family!!  Alexis and her sister Smudge are 14 years young. They made their way to the Pup and Cat family when their owner had to go into a nursing home. They have lived a healthy life and were very cared for. Now they are […]


Description: Moana  **** FOSTER TO ADOPT **** Welcome Post – 7/20/2021 – Welcome Moana (aka Mo) to the PAC family!! Mo is a 2 year old Shepherd/Lab mix that weighs 80 lbs. She is a good girl who loves to play. Mo can picky when it comes to new friends but once she opens up she […]


Description: Kaiya Welcome Post – 8/10/2021 – Welcome Kaiya to the PAC family! Kaiya is house trained, 8 years young and good (though somewhat reluctant) on leash.  She is a German Shephard mix that weighs in at 82 lbs.  In public, she is a shy/timid girl and needs much encouragement. In the home, Kaiya is great […]


Description: Rashad Welcome Post – 8/30/2021 – Welcome Rashad to the PAC family! Rashad is a 2 year old male Sheprador (German Shepard/Labrador mix). Completely Black shiny coat! He loves to play and responds to basic commands. He’s housebroken and loves to be next to the people he loves. Rashad responds well to training with treats […]


Description: Mort Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Mort to the PAC family!! Mort is a 1 year old, 8 lb Pomeranian/chihuahua mix who is just a super fun, playful boy. He is dog & kid friendly and loves to be loved. If you think you could be his forever family, fill out an application […]


Description: Pluto Welcome Post – 8/30/2021 – Welcome Pluto to the PAC family!! Pluto is a black mouth cur/hound mix around a year old and weighing 38 lbs. He is a smart guy and loves to play. He is looking for a family with lots of siblings, human or furry, so he can get out […]


Description: Rose Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Rose to the PAC family!! Rose and her siblings are part of the Tea Litter, which we are guessing are Lab / Husky mixes.  The Tea Litter is around 11 weeks old and ready to head off to their forever homes.  Sabrina, who weighs 60 lbs, is […]


Description: Sabrina Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Sabrina to the PAC family!! Sabrina is a Border Colie / Lab mix that is 2 years old and weighs 59 lbs.  Sabrina has so so much love for a dog who has definitely seen some tough times. She’s loved every human she meets without any hesitation. […]


Description: Tucker **** foster to adopt **** Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Tucker to the PAC family!! Tucker is a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel (mix?) that weighs 40 lbs. He is dog friendly and sweet. Unfortunately Tucker came to us heartworm positive. He is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and will need a calm […]


Description: Bagherra Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Bagherra to the PAC family!! Bagherra is a big beautiful girl. She is a 4ish year old Cane corso. Bagherra made her way to the Pup and Cat family from a local shelter who picked her up from citizens calling because they thought she was a puma! […]


Description: Isabelle Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Isabelle to the PAC family!! Isabelle is the mama to the the Bread litter! She is a happy, sweet, Chi mix girl who would love to have her own forever home. She is 2 years old, loving and gets along well with other dogs.  Isabelle will be spayed […]


Description: Mary Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Mary to the PAC family!! Mary is 8 weeks old and full of puppy power. She loves spending her days playing with her siblings and taking naps. She would love a family who loves to play and has the patience to teach her to be a grown […]

Thackery Binx

Description: Thackery Binx Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Thackery Binx to the PAC family!! Thackery Binx is 8 weeks old and full of puppy power. He loves spending his days playing with his siblings and taking naps. He would love a family who loves to play and has the patience to teach him to […]


Description: Winnie Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Winnie to the PAC family!! Winnie is 8 weeks old and full of puppy power. She loves spending her days playing with her siblings and taking naps. She would love a family who loves to play and has the patience to teach her to be a grown […]


Description: Sarah Welcome Post – 9/7/2021 – Welcome Sarah to the PAC family!! Sarah is 8 weeks old and full of puppy power. She loves spending her days playing with her siblings and taking naps. She would love a family who loves to play and has the patience to teach her to be a grown […]


Description: Honey Welcome Post – 9/17/21 – Say Hello to Honey. She is 3 months old lab/border collie mix. She will is a sweet playful girl full of puppy energy. Honey is smart, loves to cuddle, loves kids and desperately would love her own family! If you think you are the perfect home please visit […]


Description: Tazo Welcome Post – 9/17/21 – Welcome Tazo to the PAC family!! Tazo is a 3 month old lab/border collie mix. He loves spending his days playing with his foster siblings. Tazo is great with kids dogs and the occassional tough cat. He would love for his forever family to hurry up and find […]


Description: Pumpkin Welcome Post – 9/17/21 – Welcome Pumpkin to the PAC family!! Pumpkin loves to play with her toys and run around the yard during the day, then settle down for snuggles in the evening. She is crate trained and sleeps all through the night, even in the midst of storms. She will need […]


Description: Cindy Welcome Post – Date – 09/26/2021 My name is Cindy but I’m not a fancy girl, I love to Netflix & chill. I’m kind of a home body, Covid-right? Anyway all I need to be happy is my peoples, a bone & belly rubs. I’m house trained (ok maybe I’m a little fancy) […]